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October 8, 2013
in Blog, Car Accidents

1 dead following 3-car accident in Pennsylvania

A rear-end collision has left one man dead, according to local law enforcement officials. Pennsylvania police are in the process of investigating the fatal 3-car accident that killed a man who has not yet been identified to the public. So far, no charges have been filed by police in connection with this tragic event.

Police reports indicate the man was driving his sub-compact car when it was struck from behind by another vehicle. The man’s car struck a pick up truck which propelled it into the path of an oncoming 18-wheeler heading the other direction. The 18-wheeler struck the man’s car head-on, killing him instantly. He was declared dead by arriving medical personnel.

The driver of the pick up truck and the driver of the 18-wheeler both sustained minor injuries in the crash. Nothing is known about the driver who caused the accident, but police do not appear to have a suspect in custody. They have also not speculated as to what the cause of the initial accident might have been, nor have they pressed formal charges against any driver involved at the time of this writing.

The details of this case are somewhat unclear, so it is difficult to say where the responsibility for this car accident will be placed. It would appear the driver of the initial vehicle that rear-ended the victim may be responsible for the tragedy. If Pennsylvania police confirm this during the course of their investigation, that driver will likely be charged criminally, and the family of the deceased driver may pursue a wrongful death claim for monetary damages in a civil court setting.

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Source:, Hilltown Accident: Driver Dead In 3-Vehicle Crash In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Howard Koplowitz, Oct. 2, 2013

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