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September 16, 2015
in Blog, Car Accidents

2 dead following single-car accident in Pennsylvania

Two people are dead following a serious crash in Connellsville Township, according to local law enforcement. The car accident is believed to have happened around 3 p.m. on Sept. 8, and involved only a single vehicle. The crash is still being investigated by Pennsylvania authorities at this time. 

Very little information was initially reported about the car accident. The unidentified man and woman in the car were traveling on Springfield Pike when the car left the road. The vehicle was discovered in a wooded area, though it is not clear whether it struck a tree or another obstacle. Both individuals were pronounced dead at the scene by arriving medical personnel. 

Police are puzzled as to how the accident took place, but their ongoing investigation means they have yet to rule out several potential causes or contributing factors. There was no immediate speculation as to what might have occurred. The relationship between the two individuals in the car has also not been made public, pending notification of next-of-kin. 

As part of their ongoing investigation, Pennsylvania police will likely conduct forensic analysis of the scene of the car accident to determine what exactly happened. Since the driver perished in the crash, no criminal charges will be filed. However, the family of the deceased passenger may have grounds for a wrongful death case in civil court. If it can be proven that the driver’s actions caused or contributed meaningfully to the accident, the family could be entitled to a judgment for monetary damages against the driver’s estate. 

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Source:, “Coroner: 2 killed in 1-car crash on Pennsylvania road”, Sept. 8, 2015

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