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August 6, 2015
in Blog, Car Accidents

Fatal car accident in Pennsylvania falls to unknown driver

A driver witnesses say was “there and then gone” is being sought in connection with a fatal crash on July 29. Pennsylvania police believe they may have located the young driver at a local hospital, but the details of the car accident are still being sorted out. No charges have been filed at this time. 

According to an eyewitness on the scene, shortly before midnight, a vehicle that is believed to have been speeding struck a tree near her home with enough force to smash the vehicle into pieces. Two 17-year-olds and a 20-year-old were declared dead at the scene of the accident by medical examiners arriving shortly thereafter. A fourth passenger, also 17, had been thrown from the car and managed to survive, though he is currently in critical condition.

A driver who had been on the scene of the single car accident appeared to be in shock, but the witness lost track of him in the bedlam of the scene, and he “just disappeared” according to her. A 19-year-old man matching his description was found later at a nearby hospital in bloody clothing. While little has been made public about that situation, it has been confirmed that he is cooperating with authorities. 

If the man found at the hospital is indeed the driver from the car accident, and if Pennsylvania police determine speed to have been a factor in the crash, he could face criminal charges for his role in the fatalities. In addition, the families of the deceased passengers and the surviving man may choose to file wrongful death and personal injury suits against the driver and anyone with ownership interest in the vehicle. Such suits would rely on evidence from the criminal hearing, though not a conviction.

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Source:, “Witness: Bloodied driver in triple-fatal crash was there, then gone“, Dana Difilippo, July 31, 2015

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