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March 27, 2018
in Blog, Car Accidents

Flying ice and snow can lead to a car accident

At the end of winter, nature seems to throw some crazy weather patterns into Pennsylvania. Snow, heat waves and ice storms are some of the strange and unpredictable weather the state receives this time of year. A recent snow storm has led local police to amp up their warnings about driving with vehicles that are snow or ice covered. Preventing a car accident by simply cleaning off one’s vehicle is not only considerate, it is also the law.

Many states require drivers to remove snow from their vehicle before heading out onto the roadway. Should snow or ice fly off a vehicle and cause property damage or personal injury, the vehicle operator could face a fine of up to $1,000 and possible legal issues. Many drivers are simply unaware of the dangers flying ice and shifting snow can present.

Police in a local township have been out trying to warn drivers of the potential hazard that exist by driving around with snow and ice covering the roof. Many officers are issuing a simple warning and taking to social media to let everyone know about the danger. Police are also urging those operating tractor-trailers and other larger commercial vehicles to be aware of the significant danger unremoved ice and snow can cause.

Drivers who neglect to clean their cars of any debris before navigating the roads can significantly increase the likelihood of a car accident. Property damage and personal injury can result, and a civil claim may shortly follow. Those who have been the victim of a negligent driver may benefit from a Pennsylvania attorney who can offer guidance, support and representation when seeking compensation for any property damage and medical costs incurred.

Source:, “Pennsylvania, NJ Warn Drivers To Clean Snow Off Cars Or Pay Fine“, March 22, 2018

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