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These blogs are posted on behalf of Hof & Reid LLC, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the firm or its attorneys. The information presented in this blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice.

Bus accidents: A parent’s worst nightmare

On behalf of Hof & Reid LLC | Mar 7, 2019 | Blog, Bus Accidents

Pennsylvania families often rely on school buses to shuttle children back and forth to school each day. When a child boards a school bus, his or her life is in the hands of the bus driver, and parents can only hope the driver will do everything possible to get a child to his or her destination […]

Bus accidents: Is your child safe?

On behalf of Hof & Reid LLC | Feb 6, 2019 | Blog, Bus Accidents

Winter has taken Pennsylvania by storm, with the recent polar vortex pounding much of the state with freezing temperatures and inclement weather. When the forecast warns of snow and ice, school districts must decide if action in the form of a cancellation, delay or early release is appropriate. When the school day is already underway […]

Bus accidents already reported in 2019

On behalf of Hof & Reid LLC | Jan 10, 2019 | Blog, Bus Accidents

Many Pennsylvania residents rely on public transportation to get back and forth each day. Sometimes, owning and maintaining a personal vehicle is not practical or affordable, and taking the bus is a good alternative. Many commuters enjoy riding the bus because they can sit back and relax while the bus driver gets them to their […]

Bus accidents cause serious pedestrian injuries

On behalf of Hof & Reid LLC | Dec 12, 2018 | Blog, Bus Accidents

Pennsylvania is home to several large colleges and universities. Many of these campuses are nestled in big cities, such as Pittsburgh. These cities often have several forms of public transit, like buses, to help residents avoid the hassle of maintaining personal transportation and parking. Unfortunately, bus accidents continue to increase in frequency across the state.  Recently, […]

Authorities warn bus accidents are on the rise

On behalf of Hof & Reid LLC | Nov 22, 2018 | Blog, Bus Accidents

Holiday travel can result in more accidents than usual. Many people make plans to see friends and family, or journey to a new exciting destination during the winter months. Though taking a bus can be a convenient way for large groups of people to travel, authorities warn that bus accidents are on the rise across Pennsylvania.  One […]

Bus accidents continue to plague the state

On behalf of Hof & Reid LLC | Nov 14, 2018 | Blog, Bus Accidents

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and the coming weeks are a popular time for people to travel in Pennsylvania and across the country. The roads become more crowded than usual when daily traffic is compounded by people going to see family, taking a shopping trip or delivering packages. Though bus accidents are always a […]

Latest in a string of bus accidents kills 1, injures dozens

On behalf of Hof & Reid LLC | Oct 24, 2018 | Blog, Bus Accidents

A Pennsylvania road became the scene of yet another bus crash on Oct.19, 2018. Bus accidents have plagued the state’s roads over the last few months, and the number of injuries continues to rise. Bus accidents can be particularly devastating because so many people are riding in one vehicle, placing their lives in the hands of […]

Reports of bus accidents continue to rise

On behalf of Hof & Reid LLC | Oct 17, 2018 | Blog, Bus Accidents

Pennsylvania residents may be among the growing number of Americans that have taken a charter bus in recent years. Buses are an efficient way for a large group of people to travel together, and a bus ride to a destination can be a fun way to relax and chat with friends on a road trip. […]

Bus accidents a growing concern for PA parents

On behalf of Hof & Reid LLC | Oct 3, 2018 | Blog, Bus Accidents

School districts across Pennsylvania take student safety very seriously. In recent years, many measures have been put in place to ensure that children have the best possible learning experience. Though many parents may feel as if their children are relatively safe at school, they may not consider the danger their children are in while traveling […]

Bus accidents can result in higher number of injuries

On behalf of Hof & Reid LLC | Sep 19, 2018 | Blog, Bus Accidents

Pennsylvania residents can likely recall at least one time they have ridden a bus. Many children rely on buses to get them to and from school each day. Even for adults, a bus can be a handy way to travel in a large group or save commuters from having to worry about the expense of […]

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